31.12.20 - Happy New Year!

2020 was a year like no other. In many ways, it was the year that never was, as days merged featurelessly into each other, and we all bemoaned the things we couldn't do. As we stand on the cusp of a new year, a painting I did in April pops into my head.

'Hope' was my response to Covid-19 and lockdown when it first hit. Keep hope with you, and let it guide you through the last of these dark days, until we come out the other side!

Wishing everyone, a healthy and safe 2021!

18.12.20 - The Croft in Springtime

Trees were once my trademark subject, but I am hugely enjoying the current path my work is on with 'The Croft' series. Very satisfying to play with a new style with results that thrill their new owners as much as me!

'The Croft in Springtime' was painted in a palette with  a green focus, as that's the owner's favourite colour. Now hanging in a very good friend's house. 'The Croft in Autumn' is going to it's new owner tomorrow.

Let's see where The Croft goes next! 

06.12.20 - The Croft in Autumn

The second of my 'Croft' series,  a new style of painting I'm enjoying working on. The results are different, mixing a very modern style, a traditional form of building and a rainbow of symmetrical colours. I'm not sure where the Croft will go next, but watch this space!

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