I completed a painting today which is based on themes that greatly concern me, both professionally and as  a human being. 'Stigma' is intended to be the first in a series of works based on themes such as stigma, exclusion, stereotyping, marginalisation, and oppression. With everything going on in the world just now, such themes are particularly pertinent and I wanted to capture something of the effect that these prejudices have on those that endure them.  


Very pleased to say that I have two recent paintings, 'Towards' and 'September' featuring in the New Light exhibition at ZenWalls gallery in Peebles, running 01.03.22 - 15.04.22. Even more pleased to say that 'Towards' has been chosen as the main image for the show! Lovely to be working with this wonderful galley, in the heart of  bustling Peebles High Street, again.

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2022 is off to a prolific start!

'Midnight' is the third of my new paintings this year so far. It is a new turning in the journey of my art with darker shades and tones making up a late night scene of forest trees and just a burst of orange popping out. Pleased with this one!

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