Delighted to be participating in another Zenwalls exhibition, 'Springing Forth'. Running online now till April 25th.


Available now: Antonina 4

Available now: Iris 3

26.02.21 - 'Kurtis' comes to town!

Lockdown  has been incredibly busy, but it's also given space for me to find time to get creative.

Maybe with Spring starting to show traces  on the local landscape, green found a prominence in this painting. Some paintings take a while to feel right, but 'Kurtis' found his form, face and colours relatively easily. I think he is recognisably my style  of painting, but a wee bit different too

The news is more cautiously optimistic, and we can all hope better days are closer now than they were some weeks ago. Till some vestige of normality is with us again, we still need light and colour  to brighten up our groundhog days, and rainbow-faced 'Kurtis' certainly has that!

12.02.21: 'Iris 3' to feature in ZenWalls' forthcoming online exhibition

Following the success of 'Twilight' at ZenWalls gallery in Peebles last year, I will be exhibiting in their forthcoming online show, 'Springing Forth', which runs March 7 - April 25 2021. 

In the last show, I exhibited landscape work, but this time round it is portraits. Let's look forward to the days when things like visits to galleries become real, as opposed to virtual, experiences again!

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10.02.21 - Antonina 4

 Very pleased  with this re-imagining of Antonina! For me, this version is more realistic and finer-featured than the predecessor versions - particularly pleased with her eyes.

It took a bit of work arriving at the right combination of colours for this interpretation of the lady: my work may be abstract/impressionistic, but the palette in each painting is not random and needs to be the right combination of colour, shade, tone and light before I can consider it finished.

So, a slightly difficult labour aside, I am pleased with this new arrival.

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