Summer this year has been creatively productive!

'Irena' started off life as a portrait of someone specific, but took on a life of her own and wouldn't quite go that way. I am pleased with the outcome and the palette which mixes the heat and fire of summer warmth with the cooler notes that often feature in a Scottish summer.   

23.07.22: Adventures in digital art

This month, I have been trying out creating pieces using the digital art medium. Very interesting and enjoyable to experiment with how technology can be used to create art. This won't replace my physical painting of course, but it's satisfying to find new ways to express omeself!   

17.07.2022: Communion

My paintings generally are portraits or landscapes. This new work combines both. A face emerging from a forest could tell many stories but what went through my mind in combining my key subjects was that we are all part of the same story, aspects of the same same world. At our best, a symbiosis. We are bound to nature as in a sense as nature is to us, though we all know we greatly need to treat her better than we have until now.

Meet my gallery manager, Edina

Edina (or Edie) is my six year old King Charles Cavalier spaniel. She is my trusty and inseparable companion, who sits, sleeps and watches while I paint, carefully supervising my work. Do not be fooled by the cuteness....she is very much the boss in this household, ruling me with an paw! 

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