22.11.20. 'Twilight' at Zen Walls

Delighted to close today by saying that one of the two paintings I have on display at this gallery in Peebles sold today! 'Twilight' is one of an occasional series I've done, capturing that time when the sun is getting ready to go down for the day, catching all the vibrant colours of the summer. I understand a young couple were the buyers - may my painting bring them joy!

22.11.20. 'December' at Zen Walls

My recent painting 'December' is one of two currently on offer and on display at Zen Walls gallery in Peebles. This work features in a new video you can catch on their Facebook pages now.

The 'We're not Alone' exhibition runs 17.11.20 to 30.12.20.

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22.11.20. At home with 'Ascension'

My painting 'Ascension', inspired by the Sri Lankan bomb blasts, found a new home in September 2019.

I love seeing my work find its rightful place in the perfect spot in a new owner's place. It is now hanging in this lovely home in Edinburgh with its happy new owner and looks just right there!

19.11.20: The Croft 

Most of my paintings fall quite neatly into the 'landscape' or 'portrait' category, and I guess they are all abstract in a way.

Sometimes though, the inspiration is for something that I think is still recognisable as my work but different, as I let the painting emerge as it wants to. I have a great love of the Scottish Highlands and the many small, single level houses you find in that bleakly beautiful part of the country. 'The Croft' fuses a depiction of a traditional dwelling with an unconventional abstract background you can interpret in whatever way the image suggests to you .

I hope you will enjoy it!

17.11.20. MacMillan Art Show 2020

The online show is still running. Delighted that they tweeted about my painting 'Antonina 2' finding a new home with the lovely buyer who purchased her on day 1!

Please look at the website for the online exhibition and visit their Twitter pages for a flick through some fabulous artworks.  

Great art for a great cause!

12.11.20. ZenWalls: We're Not Alone exhibition

Two of my paintings feature in this show as previously mentioned. Exhibition opens on Monday November 17th, running to December 30th. My paintings are already on display however, so if you are around the Scottish borders this weekend, do pop by and bask in the rainbow colours of the current Out of Control exhibition (and grab a look at my work while you are there!). If you can't be there in person, hop onto ZenWalls' Facebook, where Katy Swift - one of the artists that run the gallery - gives a video tour of the exhibition, including my own work.

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09.11.20. ZenWalls Facebook Post

In their Facebook pages, ZenWalls had a couple of posts today about my paintings in their forthcoming Winter 2020 'We are not alone' exhibition. This one features myself and Katy Swift, one of the three arists who run the gallery in Peebles in the Scottish Borders, as'Twilight' is placed in their shop window. A very special moment for me!

Check out their Facebook pages

Visit the gallery webpages

Take a look at my ZenWalls artist profile

08.11.20 Antonina 2  leaves home!

My painting was sold earlier this month at MacMilan Art Show 2020, raising £750 for this great cause. Cancer touches all our lives, and it is humbling to play a small part in helping further their research.

Antonina 2 left my home yesterday to go to her lovely new owner Linda. She now occupies a prime slot at the top of a staircase. It's hard to see my work go, but it helps when the buyer is so happy with their purchase and thrilled to have the work!

07.11.20. Zen Walls Exibition

Delighted to be participating in the 'We Are Not Alone' exhibition at ZenWalls in Peebles with 'December' and 'Twilight' featuring. The gallery is run by three artists I have had the pleasure of meeting one of the artists, Thom McCarthy, an abstract painter, native New Yorker and Vietnam veteran, and Katy Swift, a socially engaged artist and visual artist originally from Northumberland. Exhibition runs 17.11.20 to 30.12.20.

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05.11.20. New-look www.LakshmanArt.com goes live!

I am delighted to advise that my old website domain www.LakshmanArt.com has now been connected to this site, replacing the old site entirely.  I hope you like this simpler, 'cleaner' format!

03.11.20. Memories of MacMillan Art Show 2019

Last year's show - my first - was a very memorable experience. I arrived at the  buzzing preview night to hear a group of people saying things like 'that's the one I want too'. I had no idea it was 'Iris' they were talking about! Doors opened at 5pm and by 5.01, she had found a new home with MacMillan Project Manager, Jacquie. Looking forward to meeting the new owner of 'Antonina 2' very soon!

02.11.20. MacMillan Art Show 2020

A glimpse of the online MacMillan Art Show 2020 exhibition page. Still plenty of amazing work for sale, including my own pieces 'Birch on Blue' and 'Colours of Sunset'. Looking forward to settling 'Antonina 2' in with her new owners!

The art show is live until the end of the month.

01.11.20. Antonina 2 sold on opening day of MacMillan Art Show 2020

Delighted to report that one of the three paintings I have in this year's MacMillan Art Show sold a few hours after opening. This raises £750 for this fantastic cause, which is humbling and gratifying. See my other two pieces and lots of other work on their exhibition website. I sold two pieces of work there last year - here's hoping lots more of this year's work sells!

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