My new painting. 'A Beginning' ! Finished on the morning after the parade that marked the switching on of the Christmas lights in my hometown of Linlithgow, today was also the morning of the first snow of winter! This is my winter trees painting of the holiday season...and maybe not the last. 


One of the paintings on offer at this year's Edinbugh MacMillan Art Show, 'Arise', went off to a new home today. The lovely new owner has another of my paintings, 'Antonina 2', hanging in her lovely home in Edinbugh. It is lovely to see my work hanging on wall, and inspiring that someone else loves it!

This year's show runs till November 30, and this incredibly charity deserves all the support it can get.




Trees were the first thing I painted, and are still my favourite subject. Inspired by the colours of autumn, October Light tries to harness the reds, gold, greens and oranges of this time of year.  


Part of this year's Edinburgh MacMillan Art Show, Arise from May 2021 is now headed for a new home.  

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