31.10.20. The 'Gallery Manager'

Meet Edie, my four year old Cavalier King Charles. She is a former show queen, but for me, she is just my best friend. I had ben talking about getting a pet for ten years then, via a series of random events, she came to into my life. I visited her for what was supposed to be a first meeting, but she came home with me that very day. This wee gem is my constant shadow. She never lets me of her sight, closely supervising my work and making sure I get on with it! Seldom were a dog and owner (well actually, servant) so well matched.  

29.10.20. The clock is ticking....

It's the final countdown! We may have been a bit quiet of late but it's because we're working hard behind the scenes preparing to launch this year's art show online! We go live on the 1st of November and will be running for the whole month so there's plenty of time to view the magnificent work on show. In the meantime, ahead of launch day, visit our website for more info! https://macmillanartshow.org.uk/#macmillanartshow #artforagreatcause #macmillancancersupport #art #exhibition

24.10.20. ZenWalls: new exhibition November

‘December’ and ‘Twilight’. Varnished, framed and ready for the Zenwalls Winter Show! I’m very excited to have been invited to participate! Website Facebook

24.10.20. MacMillan Art Show 2020 

It will be my pleasure to participate in this year’s MacMillan Art Show. Due to Covid-19, this will of course be an online event, running between November 1 to November 30, 2020. I sold two paintings there last year, raising almost £1000 for the fight against that cruel disease few us escape, directly or indirectly, in our lives. I arrived at the venue last year just before the show opened at 5pm to hear a group of people all saying they wanted to buy a particular portrait. I had no idea it was ‘Iris’ they were talking about! The clock barely reached 5.01 before the red ‘sold ’ sticker was added. Here’s hoping to repeat that success. Visit the online site at https://www.jumblebee.co.uk/edinburghmacmillanartshow2020

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